Bellydance and Birth Preparation classes

Modern obstetric practice has evolved more for the convenience of doctors than the comfort, or physiological needs of the mother. The Active Birth movement aims to reclaim birth for the mother's body by re-introducing birth behaviours and positions as seen in more traditional societies where the instinct and intuition of the birthing mother is honoured.

Active Birth focuses on opening the mother's pelvis and using gravity to help position and deliver the baby.

I have been a bellydancer for several years, and it is understood in the bellydance world that many of the movements in bellydance are useful for helping the progression of labour, as well as strengthening the core muscles (warding off back and pelvic discomfort) and improving foetal position. I have qualified with JWAAD on their accredited "Safe delivery of Belly Dance Classes" course.

Inspired by the principles of Active Birth along with the music, movement vocabulary and joy of bellydance, I aim to teach classes that give pregnant women the chance to take gentle exercise, strengthen their core muscles and prepare for birth in a fun, social environment.

Classes include a gentle warm up, some simple dance moves with explanation of their use, some to help keep you strong and balanced in pregnancy, some to aid birth, tips and practice for movement during birth, a gentle cool down with relaxation and breathing.

For class you will need to wear comfortable clothing (T shirts and leggings/yoga pants are ideal) and bring a bottle of water to drink. You may wish to bring a small cushion for sitting on during relaxation exercises (although yoga mats and chairs are provided). Most pregnant women benefit from regular, gentle exercise, however there are some cases where care needs to be taken, or exercise avoided. Please check this page for more information.

Please contact me for details of classes.

I also teach conventional bellydance as Scarlet Lotus Dance, in Glastonbury and Street.

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