Are you safe to dance?

Anyone starting a new kind of exercise during pregnancy is advised to discuss it with their midwife first. Here are some general guidelines specific to my class:

You are most likely to be safe to dance if:
  • You are in the first or second trimester of your pregnancy.
  • You are healthy with no complications.
  • You have not been advised to rest or avoid exercise.
  • When you take part in the class you are not breathless or in pain.
Feel free to join in during all parts of the class, do not strain yourself or attempt movements you find uncomfortable.
Discuss your exercise routine with your midwife at your regular appointment.

You may be able to participate in most  of the exercises if:
  • You are over 30 weeks pregnant.
  • You have concerns about your weight or fitness level.
  • You feel breathless during the class.
  • You have mild SPD/PGP or other joint problems.
  • You have no contra-indications for exercise.
Discuss your exercise routine with your healthcare provider before taking part in this class.
Listen or ask for the low impact version of the exercise.
If you are out of breath, slow down your movements to half speed, or sit and bounce on a birth ball to keep warm while you catch your breath.
Inform your instructor of your specific conditions and needs.

You should not take part in this class if:
  • You have been told to rest or avoid exercise.
  • You have a weak cervix.
  • You have experienced a bleed or worrying discharge.
  • You have uncontrolled problems with your blood pressure, or diabetes.
  • You are at risk of premature labour.
Speak to your midwife about Optimal Foetal Positioning and Active Birth, as she may recommend safe exercises for you to try.

Please remember this class is about gently maintaining fitness, do not push your limits.
The techniques in this class are altered from standard belly dance moves to be safe and beneficial to  pregnant mothers, but listen to your body, and avoid any movements you find unpleasant.