Birth Preparation

As part of my birth package I include 2 antenatal visits. 

During this time we will get to know one another and prepare for the birth and arrival of your baby.

We will discuss your expectations, and talk through your previous experiences. We will discuss the birth process, so that you understand what to expect and know how I can assist you. We will go through the options available to you, in terms of locations, pain relief etc and explore the possibility of unexpected interventions, the consequences and how you would like to handle that, if the need arose. I would help you to write your birth preferences as a reference for you, myself and your midwives.

I can also give you some ideas for positions during labour, and Optima Foetal Positioning in pregnancy. I can help your birth partner to prepare for the birth too, and we can practice techniques such as massage that they can use in supporting you. I'm happy to find you information on any topics that interest you, and point you in the direction of appropriate specialists in any subject outside of my remit. I have a small library of books and DVDs on pregnancy, birth and parenting to lend to clients.

I can also help you to pack a labour bag, and source any items you might need for a home birth. I can help you prepare for your baby, give information on feeding choices and discuss baby care, shopping etc.

Once you have booked me for your labour, I am available for contact via phone and email.