Blessingways and rites

Often described as an alternative baby shower, the Blessingway is a beautiful celebration in honour of a mother-to-be. The female friends and family gather to offer advice, support and to celebrate the woman's upcoming transition. In cultures where natural birth is supported and normalised, it is generally accepted that an expectant mother should be nurtured, supported and pampered in preparation for birth, and for the health of mother and child.

It is usual for each guest to bring a bead and a story, song, poem or words of comfort and encouragement. As this wisdom is imparted, the beads are threaded into a necklace or set of worry beads that the mother can hold during her labour and be reminded of the incredible support she has behind her.

Mothers often choose a Blessingway as a more wholesome and spiritual, or less materialistic alternative to the American style baby showers that are becoming fashionable over here. The focus of the celebration is the mother, and for that reason it is often appreciated by those who wish to save the attention and presents for the baby for after the birth.

The celebration can be completely secular, but some mothers like to add in spiritual touches to suit them, for instance a "phone tree" can be set up, so that all the guests are alerted when she goes into labour, and are asked to light a candle, say a prayer, or meditate in support.

I can organise a Blessingway on your behalf, including custom invitations, suggesting suitable activities an making sure things run smoothly on the day.

If you would like to mark your upcoming motherhood with a different celebration or ceremony, I would be happy to discuss this with you.