Postnatal support

As part of my birth package I include one postnatal visit, I am also available to provide more postnatal help, on an hourly rate or as a package.

In our postnatal sessions I can help you learn how to care for your newborn, bathing, changing, settling down to sleep. I can also offer support as you get breastfeeding established. My aim is to ease your transition into motherhood, aiding you as you gain skills and confidence.

A big part of my service involves taking the pressure off a new mother, and allowing her the space to bond and care for her baby without other concerns. I can look after older children, pick up shopping for you, do laundry, cook meals and do light housekeeping. I can also take care of the baby to allow you a break, to have a bath, sleep or eat.

If you have had a caesarean birth you will need extra rest and care, having a doula on-hand for a couple of hours a day can give you the opportunity to rest more and recover faster.

I am also available after the newborn period, should you need information or support with your developing baby.

Should you encounter any situations that require outside help beyond my remit, I can refer you to suitable options.