"My Blessingway organised by Claire Salem of Starfall Doula was truly everything I could have hoped for, leaving me empowered for the next stage in my journey as a second-time-mum! 

Claire's energy is very strong, supportive and compassionate and she treats the individual needs of mother and child with immense respect. She seemed to know exactly what was needed to mark my rite of passage as I prepared for the birth of my child. 

The ceremony was beautifully planned and coordinated and I did not need to do anything but show up. It was fully inclusive of my personal spiritual beliefs and honoured the sacredness of all women. At the same time my Blessingway was filled with a sense of lovely pampering, earthy delight and humour which were also important to me. 

All my guests loved the day and felt included, despite coming from a range of backgrounds (everything from grandmother and mother-to-be to rather-not-have-kids friends). We had great fun with the games and arts-and-crafts suggested by Claire and I came away with a number of items that will always remind me of the love I felt on the day, many of which I plan to bring with me to the birth!

All in all, my Blessingway left me feeling hugely supported and held by Claire and my beautiful girlfriends and reminded me of just how amazing women can be. Thank you so much Starfall Doula for the love, honour nurturing you give to us ladies at this powerful and exciting time in our lives. Every expectant mother should have one!"