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Baby yoga and massage

Baby yoga and massage in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Yoga babies are happy babies!

In my Baby and Me Yoga sessions, we use a combination of baby massage, and baby yoga to promote health and relaxation in babies from 8 weeks old (babies usually "graduate" from baby yoga when they become more interested in crawling than yoga!)

For the babies, their session begins with gentle, clothed massage, to promote closeness, circulation, co-ordination and digestive health.

We then move onto simple and gentle exercises, understood to improve co-ordination, balance and brain development. Babies usually really love the gentle contact, motion and games. Should their baby not be in the mood for yoga, I encourage parents to watch and try the exercises at home.

This is a very informal and friendly class, and I encourage parents to feed, change or play with their babies as needed. I will often restructure the lesson to do baby yoga when the babies are active and interested, and adult yoga when they are calm. 

All baby yoga is also beneficial to the carers who are encouraged to handle the babies in good posture and alignment, to promote strength and reduce the strain of caring for the baby.

Weekly yoga classes for new parents and babies

Baby and Me Yoga meets every Monday at 10.45 in my studio at 6 Southfields Glastonbury. The session is drop-in, no need to pre-book and newcomers are welcome. The cost is £4.