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Postnatal yoga

Yoga for new mums and babies in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Are you a new mum looking for a way to take care of your body as it recovers from birth and pregnancy. I'd like to invite you to my weekly Baby and Me class, where you can relax and recover in a supportive, informal environment.

Postnatal yoga classes are suitable from 8 weeks postpartum,, once your GP has confirmed you are ready to exercise (in some areas this happens at 6 weeks). Before this point,  there are some yoga techniques that are suitable, and I am happy to be contacted to discuss these.

In my postnatal yoga sessions I focus on restoring the posture, abdominal tone and pelvic floor. We also do gentle movement to help relieve the strain of caring for a new baby, and learn how to life, hold and carry a baby to avoid further strain on the carer's body.

I couple postnatal yoga with baby yoga, to allow parents to attend with their child.

Weekly yoga classes for postnatal women

Baby and Me Yoga classes are currently by request only. Please contact me if you would like me to host a class.