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Pregnancy yoga

Weekly antenatal yoga classes in Glastonbury, Somerset.

In my weekly classes I aim to provide a friendly and nurturing environment, where mums-to-be can come and invest time in themselves, their body and their unborn child.

I incorporate breathing exercises to relax and nourish the body, guided relaxation and gentle exercises.

These classes are only for pregnant women, and the content is geared towards the changing needs and capabilities of the pregnant body. There are no intense stretches or difficult balances! I encourage my pregnant students to tune into their body and work gently within their comfort zone, to strengthen, heal and prepare their body.

Keeping the body healthy and strong through pregnancy is excellent preparation for birth in itself, but I also include sessions that focus on using yoga to ease the natural birth process. We cover relaxation, pain management, and positioning for good foetal presentation and a smooth birth.

The practice of yoga during pregnancy has a wide range of benefits for mother and child, including:
  • Relaxation - lowers stress hormones, contributing to maternal health and better neurological development in the unborn child.
  • Eases pregnancy symptoms - From nausea to water retention.
  • Gentle, beneficial exercise for the mother-to-be.
  • Improved strength in "unfamiliar" birthing positions, such as squats.
  • Improved pelvic floor control - Eases birth and improves continence.
  • More effective breathing - improves oxygen supply and comfort in late pregnancy when lung capacity is restricted.
  • Learn pain management techniques - Improves the likelihood of a drug free labour.
  • Encourages awareness and acceptance of the changing pregnant body.
  • Improved balance and stability as the joints soften and centre of gravity adjusts.
  • Encourages connection and bonding with the unborn child.
  • Provides an uninterrupted time for the mother-to-be to focus on her own wellbeing.
Pregnancy yoga is suitable from 12 weeks until birth.

Working mothers-to-be should know that yoga classes are classed as antenatal preparation in terms of time off work in pregnancy, the same as appointments and antenatal classes, your midwife can provide a note for your employer should you wish to take time off work to attend a class.

After birth, new mums and babies can graduate to my Baby and Me yoga and baby massage class.

Yoga classes for expectant mothers

Classes are currently available on request to small groups, or you can join my waiting list.